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Lightweight, well ventilated and with extended coverage around the temples and at the back of the head, the Axion SPIN provides finely tuned trail protection. Including a 360° size adjustment system that makes it easy to find a precise fit, the helmet features a fully wrapped unibody shell for improved structural integrity.

The adjustable breakaway peak works to enhance safety in a crash, as it reduces forces transmitted to the neck. The peak can be adjusted so protection from sun, rain and mud can be tailored to individual needs.
Designed for trail and enduro riders, the Axion SPIN benefits from channels and vents that control airflow to keep a rider cool in all conditions.

SPIN technology
Oblique impact protection is necessary to counter the forces involved in non-linear impacts, which are a common cause of head injury. SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) pads are integrated inside a helmet and add an extra layer of oblique impact protection by shearing in any direction, reducing the force transmitted to the brain. The most common type of fall results in an angled, or oblique, impact with the ground or object which can lead to a rotation of the helmet and head.

Research has shown that compared to a direct, or linear, fall the force required to cause serious head injury from an oblique impact is often much lower. To counter this common impact scenario, POC created SPIN pads which are an evolution on nature’s own design and use an innovative pad technology and design. SPIN pads are optimized to provide oblique impact protection based on the precise location inside the helmet and by using various pad technologies which can shear in any direction. The aim is to minimize the effects of an oblique fall by allowing the helmet to move relative to the head.

Size-specific weight: XS-S: 51-54 cm (295 g), M-L: 55-58 cm (305 g), XL-XXL: 59-62 cm (380 g)


Erittäin hyvin ilmastoitu
Optimoitu PC/EPS-rakenne
Erittäin tehokas suojaus niskaan kohdistuvan iskuvoiman minimoimiseksi törmäystilanteessa
360 ° sovitusjärjestelmä
SPIN-järjestelmä suojaa viistosti tulevilta iskuilta





L / 56-62cm, M / 54-60cm, S / 50-56cm


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