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SRAM BB Bearing for assembly BB30


SRAM BB30 assembly kit – BB30 What is it? It’s what the bike industry did to the headtube when they introduced integrated headsets, they're about to do again to bottom brackets by creating a new standard.

The BB30 is where you essentially press bearings directly into an oversized BB shell. It eliminates the need for external (or internal) BB cups. Unlike integrated headsets, the BB30 actually has performance upsides: You get a substantially lighter and stiffer BB.

With BB30 you essentially rid the bike of BB cups.

SRAM is a forward-looking company, so they wanted to offer their top-of-the-line Red crankset in a version compatible with BB30 framesets. Please note that if you don't have a BB30-specific frame, these cranks won't work (just order the standard Red crankset instead!).

55.00 €

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