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BKOOL Hometrainer Go




Bkool revolutionises cycling and sets new standards!

Get a training system, which sets new standards in cycling at home - with the combination of bike trainer, cycling simulator, and analysis platform. The Bkool bike trainer Go is compatible with all bikes, super stable, and reaches powerfully up to 800 Watt. It is compatible with the advanced Bkool simulator, which convinces by its enormous functional variety. The powerfull Bkool analysis platform calculates and saves your training data.

Bkool bike trainer Go: For the perfect start in the Smart Trainer zone

Compact, stable, powerful, and smart - features, which describe perfectly the Bkool bike trainer Go. Though the bike trainer is rather light and of small size, its stable design and the use of high-quality materials ensure that the bike trainer Go is absolutely compact and you can easily do intensive training sessions. The extendable feet provide an additional stability. So you can just connect the Bkool bike trainer Go and start exercising! Due to the simple plug system, the training system (roller and bike) can be quickly set up and disassembled. The maximum performance of the Bkool bike trainer Go is about 800 Watt and the simulator simulates inclines of up to 8 per cent. The Bkool bike trainer Go runs very silently!

Training variety in 3D: The Bkool simulator is just different!

Each 3D track can be cycled alone or with up to 100 friends in the multiplayer mode. You have the possibility to choose from more than 600,000 tracks (it becomes more day by day) of different lengthes and intensities. You can always set new impulses of your training. You can also shoot, own tracks and upload and convert those in 3D. In addition, you experience a cycling like being on the road with the 3D Real Weather: If it rains on the track, you get wet. If it snows, the snow is falling on your back. If it is dark, you train in the moonlight at night. And all this in real time. The Bkool simulator is also the sole simulator with velodrome games. Either individual pursuit, team pursuit, Keirin or Miss and out, the velodrome games let your adrenaline shoot up.

Bkool analysis platform: Training analysis for maximum performance

The Bkool analysis platform allows you to analysie your training results so you can really achieve your training and fitness targets. The data are saved in a cloud and can be shared with friends, coaches, etc.. Compare with other sportsmen from other countries, check your physical fitness (fitness test), create training plans, and so on.

Boring cycling workouts belong to the past now: The Bkool training system includes the Bkool bike trainer Go + simulator + analysis platform offers you a unique, exciting, and very effective cycling training at home!


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