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2xu Mens Wetsuit



Delivering superior speed and flexibility, this is the ultimate wetsuit for the elite performer. Utilising 45 cell, the worlds most flexible neoprene, and incorporating panels that features unparalleled buoyancy for the perfect equilibrium between movement and elevation.

429.00 € 257.40€

Toimitusaika: 1 - 3 päivää



  • Nano SCS Coating: Extra 4% buoyancy, hyrodynamic silicone coating to reduce resistance when putting on and taking off and to alleviate water resistance.
  • 45 Cell Seamless shoulder and arm panel: Ultimate flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement with a 1mm neoprene.
  • Front panel with seamless buoyancy inserts and superstretch lining: Improved buoyancy with increased flexibility.
  • Intermediate zone stretch (IZS) Panels: Fluid movement
  • Concave water entrapment zone: extreme ultra enhanced distance per stroke
  • Lower Leg propulsion panel: Increased kick power
  • Transition panel: seam overlap technology.
  • 520% stretch internal lining: Unrivalled flexibility in shoulder and underarm panel
  • Floating zip panel: Extra distance per stroke
  • Rollbar: Increassed core buoyancy and body position.